The 7 Secrets Of Winning Your Husbands Heart








The 7 Secrets Of Winning Your Husband's Heart

This little book is a Christian book for women who want to win their husband’s heart. It is the desire of every woman to win her husband’s heart. As this has so many meanings to them. This could translate into good attention, caring, affection, helpfulness, generosity and faithfulness from their husbands to them. So, women, both young and old are desperately looking for how to do this. But unfortunately many of them don’t know how to. This book will teach every woman how to win her husband’s heart without struggling with the man in question.

Women are naturally equipped by GOD to obtain Favour before their husbands and win his heart without struggling with him. The mistake so many women often make is to concentrate on the man. Big error! EVE did not try to impress or fixed things up in ADAM life before she won his heart. She was naturally well equipped to do that.

In this book, you will learn 7 secrets inspired by GOD, on how any woman can win her husband’s heart. When you learn it and apply it, your husband by nature will begin to love, care and admire and respect your person more and more. Of course, this may take a while before his ego will be crushed and humbled, to accept the New You, but he would, if you are patient enough with him. And you will begin to see love, affection, cares and attention, such as you haven’t seen it before in him toward you and the kids.

Bonuses were also added to it on Treasures: things that are important to GOD for women to live a Godly and Holy life in our generation. You cannot win the battle of life except you are helped by the Most High GOD, for the enemy you are fighting with are no kids in evil. Resources and treasures on how to do this are added in the book too.

I didn’t figure out these things; for I wasn’t even married myself when I wrote these things 12 years ago. It was inspirationally given by GOD. And HE meant it to bless you and give you peace at home and in your marriage.

After you have read this book, you will understand things better and be glad you have read it, and you could make your home a little Paradise on Earth.

This book is not my thought. I didn’t premeditate it; it is the thought of GOD for young women to have a good marriage and good home on Earth.

Do hope it blesses you as GOD intended it to be.


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