The purpose of this book is to let you know that there is an ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN YOU. And your success in life and your ability to create wealth is tie to it. And if you can discover this ENTREPRENEURSHIP that is in you and go along that direction of business or career or profession in life, your creativity genius will emerge and true wealth will be your reward.

You were not created to succeed at every area on life; you were created to succeed at a particular point or at some points in life. Abilities and capabilities to succeed at those areas you were created to succeed at, are inbuilt in you. Those abilities and capabilities is what I call THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN YOU.

This book is not written to teach you some business strategies, neither is it to teach you how to run a successful business. Those topics are only meant for people that had already known what they want to do. [People that have already know the kind of business, career or profession they want to venture into.]

Our work here is to help you by showing you some reliable and trusted ways you can detect, identify and know the ENTREPRENEURSHIP that is in you. And when discovered and developed, achieving success in life become natural to you.

I want to let you know that it takes work; I mean hard work, to convert the ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN YOU to wealth.

I would also show you some examples of some people in our contemporary time, in whose “The Entrepreneurship In Them” has shown up and have being converted to an Enterprising business. And wealth was their reward.



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