Documented here is how I just stumbled on some secrets of productivity, while I wasn’t even looking for them. I just want to changes things. I wasn’t progressing as I wanted to. I was worried. May be I wasn’t as productivity as I should be. So I sat down to fix things up. What was I doing wrongly that needs to be corrected? I listed them. Summary: “I need to be more organized.” I told myself. And I did. Within a month, virtually everything in my life has changed for good. WAO! This stuff work. Since then that has being my lifestyle.

This book is not meant for Academic purpose. It is purely for individuals or SME business owners who want to know what it takes to achieve personal productivity in their day to day life endeavors. If this description fits you, then you have gotten a good raw book to read on how to achieve personal productivity.

Success is first of all a character thing than anything else.

You want to be more productivity in life?

Get this book read. I promise you, you will be glad you did.

In this book, you will be taught what productivity is actually is, aside of it academic definitions. You will see the 5 secrets of productivity and how you can put them to work for your own profit, and how to avoid the 4 killers of productivity.



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