Procrastination is the postponing of things to be done now, to be done later.

These things are to be done now,

You could do them now,
But you refuse to do them now,
You postpone them to be done later.

That is the true picture of procrastination.

This is the most Time and Opportunities of life waster habit in the world.

Procrastination is not the shifting of things you couldn’t do now to be done in the future time, when you could do them. No, it is not. Procrastination is refusing to do what you should do now, which you could do, to be done at the later time or date in the future.

Everything in life is timed. If this fact of life is true, it then implies that things you should do now are in their appropriate time of “Things To Be Done Now.” If you postpone this “Thing To Be Done Now” [by shifting them forward] to be done later at another, “Things To Be Done Now” time, what would you be doing with this current “Things To Be Done Now” time?

In many cases you have only two options of what you could be doing with the time. You could either be wasting the time doing nothing or at best, be doing things that were not meant to be done at that time.

There are things to be done now that you could do. If you refuse to do it now, and shifted it to be done at another time in the future, you are procrastinating: wasting both Time and Opportunity altogether.



• Stand up and clean your house now. I will clean it later.

• Stand up and wash your clothes now. I will wash them later.

• Stand up and read for your Exam now. I will read later.

• Stand up and sketch up the Marketing Plan for your product now. I will do it later.

• Start up something now. I will start it later.

• Start writing that book now. I will start writing it later.

Later, piles of things to be done are kept down undone, to be done later, which may never be done later.

Don’t keep things down undone. Avoid procrastination. Don’t postpone what you can do today till tomorrow, if you do, tomorrow you will postpone its own things to be done till another day.

At the end of the week, you will have piles of undone things, which is recipe for failure, because at the end of your life, piles of undone things will make a heap of loads of failures, and nothing meaningful would have being done by you in life.

To overcome procrastination, I have what I call “Things To Do This Week” list. Every week I have what to be done, and make sure it is done. If for any reason I wasn’t able to do a particular item [or 2 items] on my “Things To Do This Week” list, I will carry it [or them] forward till next week.



[ C H A P T E R T W O ]
  • People procrastinate because of LAZINESS.
• People procrastinate because of INDISCIPLINE.
• People procrastinate because of what to be done now seem TOO HARD TO DO.
• People procrastinate because of FEAR OF FAILURE.
• People procrastinate because of SELF-INDULGENCE.
• People procrastination because of INDECISION.


Laziness is refusing to do what you should do now which you could do, because it seem difficult to be done.

Laziness does not mean inability to do something. Laziness is refusing to do what supposed to be done now which you can do.

It takes courage to overcome laziness. Little works are always mountainous to lazy people. Lazy people are expert in giving excuses of inability to do something which they could do, but seem hard to be done for them.

Lazy people cannot face the resistance of life. These people do not lack ability, but they lack the will power to use their ability. They are potentially very loaded but kinetically very indolent.

“The slothful hideth his hand in his bosom; it grieveth him to bring it again to his mouth.” [Proverb 26:15]

This individual described in the above verse of the Bible is a super lazy person. He hideth his hand in his blossom. What does that mean? In the Middle East, because of the climate and desert nature of the land, in the morning it will be very cold. So this guy wouldn’t just like to go out to farm so early in the morning. He will wrap himself well with his hand securely wrapped inside his cardigan.

The Bible says, It grieveth him to bring it again to his mouth.

What does that mean too?

He would sleep well till around 10-11:00am when the Sun would have warmed the air, because he is so lazy, to even eat is a problem to him.


In today’s world: this is a man or woman who for little rain or cold or snow would sleep all day in his house, he or she won’t go to work. There are men and women who are in debt to the neck, but Saturday and Sunday is a resting day and sleeping day for them. After they have slept the normal 8 hours night sleep, [10:00pm-6:00am] they would add extra 3 hours or 4 hours to it, and wake up around 10:00am.

Are you this man or this woman described above? You better fight laziness before it ruins your destiny on Earth.

Lazy people always waste time and opportunities of life. Success is hidden inside opportunity that is packaged inside time and wrapped with intelligent hard work cover.


What is INDISCIPLINE? To understand the meaning of the word indiscipline, it is better you understand the meaning of the word DISCIPLINE first.

DISCIPLINE is the keeping of the rule of the game, no matter what. To be discipline also means to have self-control and to keep the rule of the game.

So INDISCIPLINE is the braking of the rule of the game at the slightest opportunity.

Indiscipline people always procrastinate. They hardly do the right thing in time.

It takes a brutal self-discipline to always do what you supposed to do in time. It takes discipline to do the right things always.


• Stand up and write that book now. I will write it latter.

It takes discipline to write a book because it is difficult to do. You have to write and write and re-write and edit and edit before one book scale through.

• Stand up and go for your morning training now. I will train tomorrow.

It takes discipline to do the right thing and that in time.

• Stand up and go for your daily 30-Minute walk to keep fit. I’m tired today, I will do it tomorrow.

If you don’t take your stand to do the right thing and that in time, you would always have both fake and genuine excuses for not doing the right thing. And don’t expect that, to do the right thing will be easy.

Many of these indiscipline people that love procrastinating love pleasure. They love ease. Some people keep on postponing their medically recommended Diet Rule because they have what I call Eating Indiscipline lifestyle. The nature of man is indolent and love indulgence; you have to compel it to do the right thing.

I like this word RELENTLESS. Applying force in constancy to do the right thing and that till it is done.









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