The 5 Laws Of Favour





Everybody wants to be Favoured in life or in whatsoever thing they are doing. But not everybody is Favoured. Why were some people Favoured and others weren’t? What makes one product to sell well in the marketplace and another isn’t selling at all? What makes one company doing so well and another doing badly? Definitely there must be a reason for that. That reason is what we want to know in this book.

In this book, you will see what Favour is, its laws, and how to obtain it [Favour], by applying its laws and how to keep Favour by keeping its laws. The book will be a big eye opener to you, the reader, just as it is to me the writer. The laws of Favour are not thunder and lightning stuff, but simple, simple laws that many of us that are seeking to be Favoured in life or in whatsoever things we are doing, neglect or ignore and weren’t applying them.

If you want to be Favoured in life or in whatsoever thing you are doing, you have to know these 5 LAWS OF FAVOUR and keep them. If you want your product to sell well in the market place, if you want your company to be doing well and stand out in the business world, you have to know and keep these 5 LAWS OF FAVOUR.

To begin with, 80% of Favour seekers or to who Favour come to, do not even know that Favour has Laws at which it works, not to talk of how to keep these laws to get Favoured. Many do not know that, you don’t just want to be Favoured in life and get Favoured; you have to keep its Laws. To them Favour is free. You can just walk into Favour SuperStore and walk out with Favour goodies in your hand. Friends, it doesn’t work that way.

Our goal here in this book, is to help every one of us [Starting from me the writer] who wants to be Favoured in life or in whatsoever thing we are doing, to know these 5 LAWS OF Favour.

Knowing these Laws is the first step to how to obtain Favour in life. Applying them is the second step and it determines whether you are going to obtain Favour or not in life, or in whatsoever things you are doing.

After you must have read this book, you will begin to see life in a different perspective than you have being seeing it before. You will discover that 70-80% of life problems are actually human’s error or ignorance. And you will also begin to make intelligent decision that is knowledge based.

This book has been a blessing to me the writer; and I do hope it will be to you the reader too.


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