Go For It

Define what you want in life and go for it. Be ready to war to get it. Celebrate your success when gotten. But don’t give up on failure. Re-attempt greatness again when you failed at first attempt. Sometimes you may have to do this over and over again before you secure the success you needed. That is what it takes to succeed in life and in any endeavor of life.

There are some people out there that have never attempted what they wanted to do in life for fear of failure or fear that it might not work. If you don’t attempt your dream, it won’t come out to lime light on its own and nobody will know about it. Give it a shot and see what will happen. If it bounces back, re-try it again. After several attempts, one shot will definitely scale through, and then you succeed. Your dream will never come to pass by itself; it has to be activated and war into existence.

If you are looking for cheap success in life, success unworked for or free-meal success; you would wake up from your slumber one day and discover you have lived a wasted life on this Planet Earth, because you can’t get anything meaningful in life that way.

Life is tough and you have to define what you want in it before you get anything out of it. Many dreams are lying down idle, because the dreamers didn’t dare to do it. Even some noble dreams have died that way, because they weren’t activated by their dreamers.

Some people fear of failure is the number one killer of their dreams. They know what to do, but they are afraid to do it, because of fear that it might fail. I rather attempt great thing in life and fail than being successfully idle doing nothing.


If you are waiting to venture only when you feel safe to do so, you may never do anything meaningful in life. We live life by Faith believing that things will work out well, after equipping our self with sound knowledge of the subject area. And should it even fails at first attempt, you don’t give up, but you re-attempt it again. That is the spirit of the champions.

I must also tell you that success is kind. It rewards those that hold on long enough, without quitting. Many great companies you are seeing doing well today, have times in their life that they nearly went bankrupt, but the players of these companies, take their stand against failure, and war their ways to success.

We have heard and read stories of men and women who stood against extreme odd of life and succeed. I read about Steve Hawking, a British Physicist, and I saw a picture of a determined mind. Paralyzed from neck down to legs from a strange disease – [Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Motor Neurone Disease]. Walking becomes impossible for him. He has to be supported by machine to do the basics of life. But this man, take his stand against this extreme odd of life, and turned out to be one of the greatest physicists of our time.

You can, if you think you can.

Another story of extraordinary case of courage of men that have made up their mind to live their lives to the fullest, no matter the odd of life is, Nick Vujicic [Life without Limbs.] Nick Vujicic is an Australia man born without arms or limbs. His genetic disorder was too terrible. It wasn’t Nick fault. Only the Most High GOD who knows all things, knows why it was so. But I believe in the Resurrection Morning, every deformity of man and error will be recreated to perfection. But Nick Vujicic made up his mind to live and he did live.


With this extreme odd of life, Nick lived a happy life. Nick Vujicic is a motivational speaker.

You can, if you think you can. You have all that it takes in your DNA. Just dare to try something intelligently good enough.

If Steve Hawking and Nick Vujicic with all the extreme odds of life that challenged even their right to exist on Earth, could still succeed in life, and makes a remarkable contribution to humanity, Friends, you have no excuse for failing.

To succeed in life and in anything you are doing or dreaming of doing, there are 7 steps of Things To Do that you must do.
Step #1

Before you begin to do anything, you have to define what you want to do first. Because success is object target, and definition enhances focus.

* I want to be a Pilot.
* I want to run an Orange Juice Retail shop.
* I want to run an African Kitchen Restaurant.
* I want to open an International Standard Nursery & Primary school.
* I want to have a Successful Marriage.
* I want to run an NGO that helps Orphans.
* I want to run an Inner-City Transport system.

If you study the above 7 definitions of what I want to do, they are all object target.

Sit down and write down what you want to do. Clearly define it as I did above, that is the number one law of success: FOCUS.

So many people want to succeed in life, but only few have a clear definition of where they want to succeed at. You have to have a point where you want to succeed and pursue success at that point.

When a Hand Lens is positioned at a particular angle to collect Sun rays, it can be used to ignite fire on a paper, because the lens collects all the Sun rays energy and focus it upon a single spot, multiplying its power. You can collect all your desires energy and focus it on a single spot at a time; it will ignite fire of success.









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