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eBOOK Formatting and Publishing

In this eBook, you will be taught how to format your eBook by yourself after you have written it; register as an author in Amazon KDP by yourself; and upload your well formatted eBook to Amazon.com or Smashwords.com publishing websites, all by yourself. The single goal of this eBook is to make you to be able to self-publish your eBook by yourself. I am a self-published author, so you too can be.

This book is divided into 3 sections.

SECTION 1: You will be taught how to format your eBook in Microsoft Word [2007, 2010 or higher version], to be accepted and ready for uploading and publishing on Amazon.com or smashwords.com [the world 2 leading eBook publishing companies] or to be publish on any other major eBook publishing websites.

SECTION 2: Is to teach you how to register and create an Author KDP account in Amazon.com. You need to register as an author or publisher with any eBook publishing company before you can be allow to publish your eBook on their publishing platforms [websites].

SECTION 3: Is to teach you how to upload and publish your well formatted eBook as a registered author or publisher in Amazon.com or Smashwords.com, within 20-30 minutes. And begin selling in minutes, as we wish you thus to be lucky.

In a nutshell, the eBook is to teach you how to be a self-published author, who write his or her book by himself or herself, format it to industry standard by himself or herself, and upload it to Amazon.com publishing website and publish it there, with little or no professional assistances in the process.

That is exactly what we want to accomplish with this eBook. Do hope we keep our promise.

NOTE: I also need to tell you that, this book is a little technical. But if you are good in Microsoft WORD and the use of Internet, you are 70% ready. OR if you are good in following instruction, this book is for you. Because it contains alots of screen shots that will tell you what to do at each stages.


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